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About us

R2 Software AS was founded in 2002 by two developers, who were frustrated with both the quality and price of existing back-up & recovery software. Through their business network, they knew that especially mid to large size manufacturing companies have a real challenge supporting the typical mix of platforms that such companies have in their manufacturing environment — where manufacturing machines are operating on systems ranging from DOS to the latest version of Windows.

So they set out on a mission: To develop the best possible “all-in-one” solution, where rapid recovery and restoration across any platform was second-to-none. In 2004 they launched their first commercial version of the R2 software, and with the installation of the system on more that 10000 clients, R2 Software AS has had its real commercial breakthrough.

Today R2 Software AS, based in Vejle, Denmark, is an industry leader committed to building software which keeps manufacturing lines running at all times.

Early in 2007 the company was acquired by the GAI Group, a Phoenix, Arizona based private venture capital firm. In 2010, R2 Software was purchased by Advantive Information Management (AIM), a a Phoenix, Arizona based company. This deal allows R2 Software to pursue global distribution of its current product portfolio, as well as increase the product development efforts — the fuel for future break-through products from R2 Software AS.


Back-Up And Fastest Possible Recovery
Many major globally operating manufacturing companies have thousands of production machines acquired over the years — and as a result, they need a back-up and recovery system that supports all operating systems seamlessly from early Windows 95 to the latest Microsoft Windows version

Microsoft Certified Partner