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What is R2?

R2 is an advanced data backup and recovery solution for critical mission computing environments, such as production/manufacturing facilities.

Why R2 is better?

In fact, this is an understatement. R2 is not just better; it is the state of the art in the field of data protection. Put it simply, R2 eliminates the loss coming out from computer hardware failures. Central Deployment

Central Deployment and Administration R2 is installed on a single computer station (the Server). From there it can be automatically deployed to all available computers in your network (the Clients). With our unique technology you will be able to have realtime feedback from all Clients and control their behaviour remotely, without leaving your seat.

Automation R2 is not only about making you feel safe. It can make your life easier, too. First of all, this is an install-and-forget-it solution. Once it is set up, no further actions are required to have your machines secure. You don't need to spend time for support and maintenance, either. Should any problem arise, R2 can simply display a message on your screen, or send you an e-mail or a text message to your mobile phone! Last but not least, R2's advanced Scheduler can be programmed to take care of a lot of daily tasks, such as shut down your machines when the job is done, and power them up early in the morning!


Flexibility R2 is an all-in-one package. There are no special editions or "agents" for particular tasks. It runs natively on the widest range of Microsoft Windows platforms and can even support attached DOS, Linux and Mac boxes. It can handle any file, from a plain text one to the biggest database. After all, it is able to back up and restore Windows itself!

Unobtrusiveness Thinking about the implications of applying such a strategic, enterprise-wide solution? Well, no need to. R2 is designed to be invisible. It behaves like a guest and not an intruder. You won't be forced into changing your infrastructure.

Need more?

For further information about the next level of your business security, see our detailed feature list or read our success stories.

On the other hand, if you already feel excited about R2, please take a few minutes to contact us for details.

Feature Details

Central Administration

Central Administration Due to its client-server design, R2 allows you to administer the whole system from a single station (any station). Additionally, the administrator can specify no user or which users will have access to some common backup functions from within their station.

Parallel Execution

Parallel (simultaneous) execution Due to our parallel technology, all clients in your network run their backup sets at the same time, even if they copy to a common backup target! Our traffic regulation feature allows you to limit their bandwidth, if desired.

Advanced Scheduling

Advanced Scheduling R2 comes with a powerful scheduler which allows you to execute recurring additional backup sets or external programs. For example, you can take advantage of our wake-on-lan and remote shutdown modules, for a fully automated environment.

User Defined Event Handlers

User defined event handlers R2 Server can be put on alert so that it reacts to certain events. For example, it can be programmed to send an e-mail to the administrator, whenever a specific client disconnects abnormally.

Zero server downtime

Zero server downtime You do not need to shut down your database (or any other) server prior to backup. Database backups are coherent due to licensed OTM technology.

No limits backup

No limits backup = Full computer recovery R2 is not limited in backing up closed or unlocked files only. It can also safely back up open or locked files, such as databases, Windows Registry, Microsoft Exchange Server, etc. What this means is that R2 can safely restore your machine (Windows, user settings, etc) even after a hard disk crash! So while other backup programs are dealing with restoring files, R2 is dealing with restoring computers!

NoR technology

NoR technology R2 supports the concept of shared backup targets, where two or more computers are copying to the same location. If specified in a backup set, R2 can make use of our NoR technology where common files among several computers (such as the Windows itself, for example) are automatically copied to one place only, thus saving a huge amount of drive space, especially on high volume backup sets.

Continuous operation

Online operation R2 is designed for 365/7/24 operation. It runs in the background, consuming very little CPU power, so that the user is not prohibited from his/her regular job. You can safely feed R2 with a huge amount of data to process without worrying about memory leaks, system crashes or degration of your system's performance.

Real-time backup

Real-time backup For computers running NT/2K/XP, our DirMon technology gives real-time backup capability to R2 users. Imagine a system where your files are backed up at the same time you create or modify them. Furthermore, you can have up to 7 additional copies and/or revisions of these files, so that there is no chance you will lose important data.


NTFS on FAT R2 not only supports all Windows file systems but is can also back up NTFS volumes to FAT ones, with all their special NTFS attributes (security, data streams, etc) preserved!

Why Choose us?

At R2 Software AS we are 100% dedicated to develop rapid restoring technology for mid- to large size manufacturing companies, for whom getting equipment back on-line as quickly as possible is essential to profitability. (see About Us)

Manufacturing companies has manufacturing equipment and machinery build to last significantly longer than the normal life-span of the operating system software. The result is that they often operate many software systems across many generations of development — an impossible task to support for most rapid recovery systems.

Our technology of R2 Software AS allows not only the fastest possible data restoring — minimizing equipment down-time when a crash happens — but our unique compatibility across platforms from DOS to Vista makes our software the ideal choice of data-restoring software for manufacturing companies.

Centrally deployed and managed, handling up to +50.000 clients simultaneously, the R2 software is setting industry standards in simplicity and ease-of-use.


Back-Up And Fastest Possible Recovery
Many major globally operating manufacturing companies have thousands of production machines acquired over the years — and as a result, they need a back-up and recovery system that supports all operating systems seamlessly from early Windows 95 to the latest Microsoft Windows version

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